About Us

Kerala Forest Development Corporation (KFDC) was established as a joint venture of Government of India and State Government in 1975 and it came into existence on 24th January 1975, with its Registered Office at Kottayam. KFDC has been established with an unique commitment to preserve the culture and beauty of forest and invite others to experience the divine element of nature. Part of the noble cause, KDFC holds hands with Gavi eco tourism to honour the mother nature of Kerala and adorn her with her own gifted graces. KFDC is engrossed in preserving land’s beauty while inviting foreign eyes to experience nature’s awesome display. They weave the land through the eyes of creativity and dress her with many ornaments like plantation of rubber, pepper, cocoa, cardamom etc. The beauty warms the hearts and creates a wish to stay longer in the nature’s abode.